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Wrap curve around Surface (Stretch tool alternative)

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Hi guys,

I've been trying to figure out a way to Project a flat curve onto a bent surface so that the curve will actually wrap around it.

Alternatively I would also be quite happy if it were possible with a surface. So far I have only Kind of managed to do this by using the Stretch tool and choosing a surface to Stretch along an extracted curve of the surface. This however distorts the original surface and since I don't know the exact measurements of the bent surface, ( customer file) it won't automatically use the entire lenght of the extracted curve...

In General I am not very happy with this method and know that in other CAD programms there is a more simple way to Project the curve so that it bends around a surface.

Is there an alternative to the Stretch tool in Solidthinking as well?

I have attached a simple Image of the Problems that I have and what I'm trying to achieve:

I am trying to get the (experimental) curve with "teeth" to follow the curvature of the Long surface. The part on the left is the attempt using the Stretch tool together with the extracted Profile curve.

This is not a clean Job, is there another way to get this done??

Thank you very much for your help and I am looking Forward to Hearing from you !



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Hi Nick,

There are two tools to deform objects in Evolve that suit this use case and both options rely on a target surface. You have already found the stretch tool. The other is called surf-drape. In your example, the target surface is a lot smaller than the source curve. I am thinking this might be forcing Evolve to fit the source surface within the boundaries.

To create a 3D curve, you can use the project curve option.

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