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I posted this topic on wrong place (FAQs), so let me post this again here (General Discussion). 

Error message appears and says "Loads or supports are inappropriate", but I cannot find any problem with my settings.

I'd like to know what is wrong with my settings of loads or supports.

Thank you.


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I would consider the following things:

  • The constraints and force are not connected to the solids (non design), since they are attached to free points. This will be the reason for the error message.
  • All longitudinal and vertical inner beams are modeled twice
  • There are a lot of intersections and so it is a problem to find clear contacts for the solver. You get a warning message before the run (in my version 2017.3)

At all, try to model a flat solid plate between the two non design borders. Then you get a idea on how a optimized support structure looks.

After clean up point 1 and 2, I could do a structural analysis (see attached picture). I did not try to perform an optimization, since it is useless for me.


Best Regards,




snapshot 08-21-2017 07-09-23.png

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