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Hobby/personal license?

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I was curious if there is a "hobbyist" or "personal" license available?  I know there is a student license, but I'm not a student anymore so that likely doesn't apply. :)  And I expect I can't afford the regular license aimed at businesses.
I was researching wooden skin-on-frame kayak builds when I stumbled across a youtube case-study series ( where Capinc used Inspire to help design a kayak.  I'm attempting to replicate their project with a similar kayak build: modeled in Fusion360, optimized in Inspire, 3d printed parts, etc.
I've been working off the trial license and it's been a lot of fun, but the trial is about to expire.  Most of my modeling is done but I'd like the flexibility to go back and tweak the design during the build... some of the applied forces were guesswork more than science :)  If there was a personal/hobby license available I'd be happy to pay for it.  Who should I contact?
As an aside, I have to say that Inspire makes some very beautiful designs.  Orange parts are wooden stringers, blue parts are the inspire-optimized polynurbs that will be 3d printed:

Screenshot (5).png

Screenshot (7).png

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Hi Zachary,

Glad to hear you like Inspire -  your designs are looking awesome!

Feel free to send me a PM with your contact details, so we can contact you directly.




Kind Regards,


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