Spitting a solid using a plane as a splitting tool.

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I am new to Evolve and I am trying to split a solid object into 2 independent/separate solids using a plane as a splitting tool but it doesn't work. I used "intersect tool" to split the object. The result I get is that the object is not split in 2 separate objects as I can see in the construction history. I am thinking I may need to collapse construction history in order to be able to split a solid into 2 separate parts. Prior to using Evolve I have been using SpaceClaim ( mechanical solid direct modeler) and this simple  operation of splitting a solid into two separate solids using a plane as the splitting tool is a very simple and easy procedure in SpaceClaim. 



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We are here in the Inspire (not Evolve) forum.


Use the "Cut Modify" Tool to slice solids by planes. See attached picture.



For Evolve you can use the Trim command:

To delete the construction tree, use the command Edit->Collapse Construction Tree. You can save the source objects by answer "No" in the dialog.

To have the construction tree is in general a big advantage over other modelers.


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