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How to set up image planes?

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Hi there,

I'm new to EVOLVE and want to explore it's capabilities.

I do have a lot experience working with Modo 11 and Rhino 5 as a product designer .

Though when it comes to surfacing in Rhino all is possible but on numerous account's these surfaces were not accurate enough for manufacturing.

Although Rhino supports history it doesn't look as robust as in EVOLVE.

So EVOLVE might be a very nice companion in my tool box.


As we speak I started the trial along side a real project.

Here's the first question:

How do I setup image planes as reference, witch I can see in the 3D viewport instead of background images?



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Hi Peter,

We do not have an option to enable images in 3D viewport currently. The work around is to apply the image as a texture but this is only visible in interactive rendering mode.


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