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Hey guys I'm new to solidThinking Evolve and I need help about dimensioning my drawings. Can we give dimensions to our sketches like in CATIA or solidworks? Also, can we edit position of points according to dimensions?

     What are dynamic and static dimensions in evolve and how are they different? Please help.

Thank you in advance☺️

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Please keep in mind that this is a design software, not really a CAD program.

But nevertheless it is possible to create rudimentary dimensions. These dimensions can be positioned, are associative or non-associative.

You can switch from modeling to drafting environment and automatically create views. Take a look at the attached pictures.

Best Regards,



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Hi! I'm using the dimensioning tools to make a drawing and I have the problem that the program writes the numbers (dimensions) in one way or another... what's the rule for this? Can I change it anywhere? I can't do real drawings this way...
Thank you very much

Mesa de trabajo 1-100.jpg

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