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Release Evolve and some questions.

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Hello everyone,

I suppose Evolve is near 2018 ... when does it come out, approximately?

Is the Evolucionar going to have these tools ...?

Flow through surfaces, have a piece, mesh, curves, ect, Make flat and with a base surface and another one of destination.

Flatten, to be able to flatten surfaces or polisupercies, to later use them as a base for surface flow.

Cage edit, a handle to be able to do morph



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We are still working diligently on v2018.  We are shooting to release it by end of the first quarter to early in the second quarter of this year.  It is essentially a completely new product with the same power of the previous version, but with a fresh UI and streamlined workflows for every tool and process.

We have rewritten all of our deformation tools and can cover much of what you have described here with our Stretch and Drape tools.  We will continue to add more deformation tools in the future including a new Lattice tool to cover additional use cases.



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