So how much does this package cost?

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No pricing or licensing is described anywhere on the website.

How can I make a decision to use my time to evaluate this without knowing the pricing?

 This might be a reason why it is not a popular package. anyone reading this?  there are only like 6 posts on this forum for this product.  Does anyone really use this package?  Why does Texas Instruments have it featured on their website when its clear it is not a usable product?

I've emailed them several times directly about pricing and no response!  I think there are only 2 customers that have ever purchased this package.

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Dear user,

All products of solidThinking can be ordered though our partners, which are spread worldwide.

To get a quote regarding your local currency and legal conditions, please contact your local distributor:


Thanks for your interest in solidThinking!


Kind Regards,

Felix Radisch


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