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Hi All,

Firstly, I'm really enjoying this programme.

I am having issues importing files from Rhino - and there is some odd behaviour. This is with very simple (boxes) geometry.

I can import STL/SAT/X_T/IGS files that have been exported from Rhino, however seemingly at random it will either:

  1. Not import any geometry (despite the geometry being solids)
  2. Not read any weight
  3. Work fine - reading weight and I can apply loads etc

As I mentioned, this is with simple geometry. I cannot work out a rhyme or reason to why it will most likely fail, and why sometimes it works fine (even though I am exporting the same boxes!)



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Hi Alex,


Welcome to the forum! You are describing a common issue Rhino users are facing. As Rhino doesn't have a proper geometry kernel (like Parasolid, e.g.), there are ongoing issues with simulations based on structures from Rhino. CAD systems are much better in getting a proper (watertight), geometry done. As they do not have the combination of design freedom and the accuracy of geometry, we invented "Evolve".


You can check-out solidThinking Evolve, via our website - and apply for a trial: Experience&category=Products




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