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ADC channel

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Help me to configure ADC Channel for single and double sampling mode ?

and what is the datatype of my adc input block ? and how to debug my adc value and it plot......

I am using TMS20F28035 Piccolo controller board.

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Select Embedded > Piccolo > ADC > ADC Config... and see the screen below.

Each ADC block is associated with an ADC result register. In the dialog screen below, you map analog pins on the chip to result registers.
The default mapping is shown below. The trigger source is an event that causes an ADC sample to occur. The timer 2 is used as the RTOS timer, so is a default for the ADC trigger. It is also common to use a PWM to send an ADC SOC (Start Of Conversion) also.

To see an example of plotting ADC values, select Embedded > Examples > Piccolo > ADC > ADCtestF28035

The datatype of the ADC result is fx4.16, this means that it has 4 magnitude bits and 12 fractional bits. Since the ADC result is only 12 bits, the value can range from 0 to 1 (or 0 to .9997 to be precise)


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