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need advice on modelling strategy/tools to use

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Hi, I am fairly new to Evolve and so far I think it is a fantastic software. Looking forward for the 2018 version that I have seen will be easier to use. I am currently doing a practice model: a dish washing brush. I need some tips/suggestions as to what modelling strategies/tools could you recommend me to use to model this product? Please see attached pic with my specific questions in the image file. The 1st image shows the model I made using freeform/sculpting polybnurbs strategy.  I choose to use this modelling approach instead of surfacing techniques like loft and sweeps as with the latter I had less control to get the shape of the brush . I would appreciate if you could give me some suggestions in regards to my questions I asked in the 2nd image.

Thank you,



Screenshot (27).png

Screenshot (26).png

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