Exporting from ST to 3dsmax 2010

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Hello every body,

how to import SolidThinking 8 drawings to 3dsmax 2010, while keeping the quality of the 3D objects in a reasonable level? The number of faces gets easily very high with 0.01 tolerance level when exporting from SolidThinking 8. The idea is to render an animation from 3dsmax using V-Ray.

What formats have you tried with?

I have same problem with cinema 4D

hope some one can help me with the issue



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in this case you can choose the *.3DS file format.

The tolerance 0.01 could be high or low according to the unit and the size of the object as well. For instance, if you are using millimeters and the object's size is about 100 or 200 mm. this means that 0.01 is really high. In this case you should increase the tolerance to 0.5 or even 1 or 10. It depends also on the complexity of your object.

A very good method is to tesselate or convert the object into polymesh before saving it. You have 2 powerful tools:

- Polymesh from NURBS

- Advance Tesselation (generate a watertight polymesh object)

With both tools you can modify the tolerance setting in order to decide which is the best tesselation tolerance.

After that you can save the selected object as *.3DS without setting the tolerance because it is already converted.

This method is very useful especially when you are saving a scene with many objects. You can tesselate them separately. In this case you can also decide which tolerance value will fit your needs for each object before saving you file.

Hope this helps

Adel Matar

solidThinking team

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Thanks Adel, that helps adn I am testing the best tollerance for the different objects.

Seams to work bit a bit of file exchange with my cooperators in the project.

Some times objects appears to be up side down or inverted in 3D max. Manually will need to be fixed in 3Dmax; can I do something during the exporting to fix this issue?



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