Model Symmetry

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In this month’s Tips & Tricks, Darren Chilton provides techniques for creating models that have symmetrical elements including:

  • Using the Mirror tool

  • Using Snaps and Grid as alignment aids

  • Options for creating simplified models and construction history

Click on the video below to see these tips & tricks in action.


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Thanks for the tutorial, It took me a while to figure this out.


But what is the point of having a mirror tool, when you cant merge thetwo halves?

In my case I wanted to make a symmetrical MultiSweep. I drew the profile curves and a rail curve. Mirrored them and I tried to use multi sweep. That didn't work because the profile curves had not merged.

In the end I used mirror on the multisweep, but also those are not merged. Is there a way to get one piece, apart of drawing the whole thing symmetrical?


Would be nice to have

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