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Hi all,


thank you in advance of the answer,
I would like a couple of tips, I am user of solid for several years, I still use the 8.5 but I am going to switch to Evolve 9.5 (2014), and at the same time I'm ordering a new workstation, my question is worth the splurge for a high-end graphics card open gl to reduce the time of some operations in modeling or even with cards for game cheaper solidThinking runs well, my other question is about the rendering and the operating system; to reduce the time calculation in solid rendering better processors 4 or 8 cores? and as for the operating system, version 9.5 (2014) is native Win 8 64 bit or can still run well on Win 7 64-bit?
Thanks to all


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Hi Piko,


We will still be supporting Win 7 64-bit in version 2015 so you will be fine with either Win 8 or 7.


Our rendering technology utilizes all the available cores, so you will definitely benefit from increasing the number of cores.


We recommend getting the best graphics card your budget will allow, however, we do support a large range of cards.  One point to keep in mind is that for version 2015 there is an option for GPU+CPU rendering, so you will have an additional performance increase in rendering speed with a high-end Nvidia card.


Hope that helps.

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